Destinie Adelakun is a New York City-based creative polymath, her trades range from photography, fashion styling, visual artistry, music, musing, and writing. She encompasses all forms of the mixed media to her works which focus on spirituality, mythology and history.

Destinie’s fashion styling has been published in noted magazines such as Love, Hunger, and i-D; her photography in Kinfolk and Water magazine to name a few.

stylist portfolio
“Blues” and “woman”

photography portfolio
“Lin luz”

“oya series”

“water series”



Lowel Alomar is a Videographer, Photographer, Producer, and Director as well as the Manager of two photography studios in Brooklyn, NY – where he is based. Strategy, precision & execution are just a few of the finest qualities of Lowel. He has worked with VH1’s top television show Black Ink and musician Young Paris of Rock Nation to name a few.

Whether it’s on a commercial or creative platform, Lowel is capable of capturing it brilliantly through his lens. He has created look books for clothing and lifestyle brands, video footage for events both corporate and casual as well as music videos for artists. Aside from his camera work, he is also the engine behind the uninvited collective.

the crate
“waves don’t die”


streetlore fashion
“the goddess collection”

event recaps

promo videos

music videos

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